Inside the online platform that’s empowering survivors of campus sexual assaults … and catching repeat offenders by Karen Frances Eng

Outraged at the incidence of sex crimes at colleges, activist Jess Ladd got mad — and then she got to building. Here’s how she developed a secure and sensitive reporting system that’s in use on 13 campuses.

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Singularity is near — and it’s in the form of a dachshund named Elly by Karen Frances Eng

Restless tech innovator Yale Fox gave voice to his dog Elly by mounting Amazon Alexa software to a Raspberry Pi and hooking it up to a mic and speakers. Now Elly can talk to people she meets on the streets, picking up keywords that prompt responses.

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Meet the genius scientist transforming the world on a shoestring by Karen Frances Eng

Bioengineering professor Manu Prakash brought the world a 50-cent microscope. Now he’s created more cheap public health tools, including a paper centrifuge and a mosquito identifier. And he’s just getting started.

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