I Stole a Book From Agnès Varda by Karen Frances Eng

Shortly after the feminist filmmaker died, I went to Paris to learn from her life — and take a piece of it home with me

We would see the gleaner, tramping along
gathering the relics
of that which is falling behind the reaper.
— Joachim du Bellay (from The Gleaners and I by Agnes Varda)

I went to Paris almost exactly a month after Agnès Varda died, wanting to pay my respects. I’m not sure why I felt compelled to visit the home of the pioneering feminist filmmaker and artist.

A delightful art project for anyone who’s ever dreamed of living on the Moon by Karen Frances Eng

Living on the Moon might just be a chance for humans to learn how to co-exist peacefully and sustainably, proposes Jorges Mañes Rubio, the European Space Agency’s first-ever resident artist. Explore his vision of a new way to settle outer space.

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In rural Tanzania, a surprising collision of cultures and craft by Karen Frances Eng

A impromptu collaboration between an Uruguayan documentary photographer, a Nigerian fashion designer, an American cellist and three Maasai herdsmen in rural Tanzania sparks an unexpected artwork fueled by music, fashion, photography and poetry.

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You think you know the story of European migration — but not like this by Karen Frances Eng

Launching today, Alison Killing’s immersive online documentary project migration trail lets you follow along in real time as two fictional characters make perilous 10-day journeys to Europe.
In late 2015, the shocking photograph of a toddler washed up on a beach in Turkey galvanized public attention on large numbers of migrants traveling to Europe, many by sea and under extremely risky conditions. Because of the surge in numbers of irregular travelers that year — more than 1 million — and the thousands of lives lost, media headlines at the time emblazoned the situation as a “crisis” in mainstream consciousness.

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A new documentary explores the West’s uneasy relationship with Iran by Karen Frances Eng

On the 64th anniversary of the US- and British-led coup-d’état in Iran, Iranian filmmaker Taghi Amirani shares the first teaser of Coup 53, his forthcoming documentary investigating Operation Ajax.

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