I Stole a Book From Agnès Varda by Karen Frances Eng

Shortly after the feminist filmmaker died, I went to Paris to learn from her life — and take a piece of it home with me

We would see the gleaner, tramping along
gathering the relics
of that which is falling behind the reaper.
— Joachim du Bellay (from The Gleaners and I by Agnes Varda)

I went to Paris almost exactly a month after Agnès Varda died, wanting to pay my respects. I’m not sure why I felt compelled to visit the home of the pioneering feminist filmmaker and artist.

The secret life of plant music by Karen Frances Eng

Barreling through the high-visibility, high-tech exhibits on the TED2019 circuit, you’d be forgiven for mistaking The Data Garden for just another chillout zone, with its oasis of potted houseplants and people lying draped, spaced out, across bean bags. Yet an arresting sound beckons from this unassuming island – a soothing patter of gently percussive gongs, like a harmonious array of meditation bowls or a gamelan, with a variety of textures and tones.

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Meet perovskite, the mystery mineral that could transform our solar energy future by Karen Frances Eng

Someday, solar panels may be light and cheap enough that they could be hung on a clothesline, thanks to a synthetic mineral called perovskite. Physicist Sam Stranks explains the solar-powered science and the challenges that stand in its way.

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When sleeping in public is an act of protest by Karen Frances Eng

In an annual event called Meet to Sleep, women come together to doze in public spaces. These sleep-ins are all about rejecting a culture of fear and harassment and creating one of trust and shared safety, says artist and activist Jasmeen Patheja

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Where the symphony meets the street by Karen Frances Eng

Violin prodigy Vijay Gupta has dedicated his life to making music a platform for transformative social justice. Now he’s a newly minted MacArthur Fellow. Here’s how Street Symphony evolved from “drive-by Beethoven” to an inclusive, vibrant and still-growing musical community.

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A bold step for womankind: Meet the young women behind Kyrgyzstan’s satellite program by Karen Frances Eng

Ranging in age from 17 to 25, they are challenging their country’s gender norms by learning engineering and coding, and setting their sights on infinity and beyond.

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